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"I’ve just heard Kanuka Simpson speak and I was blown away. [...] I was really impressed with his presentation."

- Lindsay Adams, CSP




School policy usually dictates that if bullying occurs, it should be reported so the bully can be dealt with and the problem quashed from above. With an original take on why bullying happens, what leads to bullying and how to stop being the victim, Kanuka empowers his audience to stop it before it even starts.

This speech is perfect for:
Schools: years 7-11.
Business: Anyone

Ideal for schools or businesses that want to empower their pupils/staff so that bullying doesn't even start.

Less suited to: low docile schools that have a lot of violence related to bullying.

Also available for: teachers (so they can teach it to their pupils).


Wherever it comes from, we have all experienced procrastination. We usually manage to get over it. When it stops us from doing the things we really want to do, however, it can really get in the way of getting the results we want. Using the Action Pyramid he developed, Kanuka shows the audience why we procrastinate, where it comes from and most importantly, how to overcome it to take the actions that lead to success. 

This speech is perfect for:
Schools: years 10-11 and 6th form.
Business: Anyone

Ideal for schools or businesses that want to develop empowered pupils/staff and give them high performance life skills not usually taught in schools/training courses.


Best combined with a 3-4 hour seminar-type session with smaller groups (20-30). Can also be delivered over several days to different groups.

Less suited to: younger audience (under yr.9).


English dominates the world and is the go-to language when trying to be understood in another country. Trying to speak another language fluently is lengthy, difficult and takes a lot of effort and usually includes living in the country for some time. So why do we continue to teach foreign languages, when most children won't ever really use them? Kanuka offers a completely different view on language learning that shows that it is extremely beneficial, especially for children and even if they do not learn to master it. 

This speech is perfect for:
Schools: teachers and parents.
Business: Language Conferences

Ideal for schools that have an emphasis on foreign languages despite experiencing resistance from children (and parents). 

Less suited to: younger audiences. (This talk is about the why and wherefore of learning a language, but should remain with the teacher. The pupils don't need to know this.)

Also suited for: language conferences.

"Kanuka knows what he is talking about and offers more than other motivational speakers."

- H. (Student NZSOR)



Results are a consequence of actions and Kanuka is passionate about showing individuals, organisations and companies how to change their actions to change their results. By far the best way to unblock the resistance to change and allow people to take the action that creates the results they have been looking for, is working 1-on-1 over a length of time. That is why Kanuka offers a special one-on-one mentoring service guaranteed (see below) to bring results quickly.


- Mentored 1-on-1 by Kanuka to reach your goals and aspirations.

- 6 weekly scheduled sessions (up to 90 mins) to kick start your action-taking

- Kanuka's book: Start Doing It

Investment: US$900 



If you work with Kanuka and do what he suggests, but find that you are not getting the results you want, not only will we refund your investment, but ALSO pay for you to work with someone else up to the same amount invested with Start Doing It.


- Mentored 1-on-1 by Kanuka to reach your goals and aspirations.

- 6 weekly scheduled sessions (up to 90 mins) to kick start your action-taking
- 10 monthly scheduled sessions (up to 90 mins) to ensure you stay on track and keep working towards your goals

- Kanuka's book: Start Doing It
- Unlimited lifetime access to Kanuka via email and phone

- Kanuka's expertise, experience and research (upwards of 10,000 hours of intellectual property)

Investment: US$9,950

"A mum came up to me and thanked me for having you in the class. She said it had changed her son. There had been a huge shift in him, in confidence, and she felt he had really grown up and was taking more responsibility for himself."

- Saskia, Teacher

What people say

"Every single time [Kanuka has spoken here] he has had rave reviews and all of [the students] every time have said yes, they would have him back again."

- Hamish Denton, Managing director NZSOR 



"Amazing, best speaker, helpful, informative – Thank you!"

- K. (Student NZSOR) 

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"Kanuka motivated me and got my mind working in a different way and made me change my perspective."

- Roana, teacher